Welcome to the most affordable previously owned Motorcycle and Specialty Car sales company in the United States!

Nice Ride, Inc. is located in beautiful Palm City, Florida. We offer the most reliable pre-owned Harley Davidson’s from all over Florida at fair market prices. Nice Ride, Inc. was established with the sole purpose of providing individuals seeking a reliable motorcycle with the best deal possible.

My name is Serge Tokman and I am the President of Nice Ride, Inc. Like you, I have had unpleasant experiences buying vehicles/motorcycles from dealers. Because of rolex replica uk these experiences, I decided to start a business that would eliminate the often confusing and deceiving environment of purchasing a vehicle/motorcycle. As an independent wholesaler, I can purchase clean motorcycles and sell them to you for much less money than the retail dealers in your town or city. My overhead is minimal. This gives me the ability to sell to you at the fair market price.

Since 2005 when Nice Ride, Inc was established, I have sold over 450+ Harley Davidson’s worldwide through under the name cannandog, with a 100% Feedback score, selling motorcycles and cars all over the world. I specialize in 1 owner, under 5,000 mile Harley Davidson’s and none of my bikes are ever bought at an auction and most have some form of a paper trail like service records, upgrades and recalls.

In 2013, I opened a brand new division of Nice Ride, Inc which concentrates on specialty cars. My full concentration will be geared to finding low mileage, 1 owner, hard to find sports cars. As I do with my bikes, these cars will NOT be purchased through an auction like every other dealer but instead will fake rolex replica watches come directly from the owners. This will give you a chance to know the history and paper trail from the previous owner about your purchase.

I realize you have many choices and places to buy your bikes and cars. Before putting your hard earned money into a vehicle, I recommend you do your homework! Buy from a company that truly has your happiness and satisfaction as their top priority!


Serge Tokman
Nice Ride, Inc